Amazingly Botox was discovered more that 100 years ago and over this time has been used in many different ways to help improve the self esteem of clients wanting to appear younger. In our Peterborough clinic we see clients keen to delay the ageing process using Botox injections to relax line and wrinkles in the fore head and around the eyes but did you know that Botox is not just an anti ageing treatment? It also has some fascinating uses that you maybe wouldn’t expect.

1. For Sweat. Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating! yes that’s right no worries about the damp patches under your arms on a hot day or even clammy hands in a a big meeting. Botox blocks the nerves responsible for activating the sweat gland and so sweating doesn’t occur which is a huge relief for clients who suffer from excessive sweating issues.

2. For Headaches. Botox has been used in the NHS since 2012 to treat chronic migraine sufferers. The treatment involves between 31-39 injections in different sites on the suffers head. It is thought to work by blocking pain signals and by relaxing muscles thought to contribute to migraines.

3. For Gummy Smile. A gummy smile is when the smiler shows a lot of gum when they smile as the muscle that controls the top lip draws it too high above the teeth. A gummy smile can be considered to be a less attractive smile and often the sufferer will have self esteem issues surrounding it. Fortunately Botox can be used to relax the over active muscle and achieve a more flattering upper lip position and smile.

4. For Depression. Though the clinical evidence is in its infancy there has been some promising research done on using Botox as a treatment for depression. The latest theory is that the facial feedback mechanism is interrupted by administering Botox and so the sufferer experiences less severe depressive moods as the muscles cannot move into the positions associated with these moods.

5. No Teeth Grinding. Wear and tear on the teeth can be a huge problem for those who involuntarily grind their teeth or clench their jaw, often in their sleep. Botox is used for the masseter muscle (muscle that move the jaw) to stop this from happening. The relaxation of the masseter muscle means the sufferer can sleep better and not worry about having to wear teeth guards to protect their teeth.

So there you have it. Botox is not only an excellent solution to facial line and wrinkles but can help improve the lives of so many is unexpected ways. If you are considering a Botox treatment in Peterborough then why not book a consultation with our resident medical practitioner Dr. Pri who incidentally does offer treatment for gummy smile, excessive sweating and teeth grinding as well as anti ageing. Call 01733 555540 to book or book on line