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Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal

The lowdown:

Introducing Soprano Titanium 

Soprano is one of the world’s most popular hair removal treatments. It’s fast, it’s pain-free, it’s effective and it’s FDA-approved.

Made by Alma Lasers, one of the top five leaders of energy-based medical and aesthetic solutions in the world, the Soprano Titanium is the absolute gold standard for permanent hair reduction.

Whether it’s unwanted facial hair, hair arms, stubbly legs, an overgrown bikini line or even overly bushy brows, Soprano has it covered. Wherever you have unwanted hair, the Soprano Titanium can get rid of it in just six to twelve sessions, and for the most part, it will stay gone.

What makes the Soprano Titanium so exciting is its speed and unparalleled comfort.

Safe on all skin types 

Its unique SHR™ technology means it gradually heats and delivers rapid pulses that damage the hair follicle and hinders re-growth without damaging the surrounding skin. This means it is safe for all skin types, even tanned skin. It also works on all colours and densities of hair except white which no laser can treat. 

40% faster 

For the ultimate results, it includes three of the most effective laser wavelengths for hair removal all in one device Yag, Diode and Alexandrite, alongside a super-sized spot size, which means it can treat larger areas faster than ever before (40% faster than other laser treatments, in fact). It also includes two connectors, enabling two different applicators to be connected to the platform simultaneously and further shortening treatment time.


One of the USPS of Soprano is that it’s pain-free. How does it do this? It uses ICE Plus technology, which continuously cools the skin throughout the treatment, making it ultra-comfortable with no short, sharp stings traditionally associated with laser treatment.

Join the millions of people who have had Soprano 

Millions of people around the world have had Soprano. Be among the first in Peterborough to try put this revolutionary laser hair removal treatment and be smooth and hair free by next summer. 

Treatment time:

15mins- 2.5 hrs depending on area

Back to work:


Fully recovered:




Results seen in:

3-4 treatments

For best results:

Course a minimum of 6 treatments per area

What Our Clients Say

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

I had my second treatment for a full body laser hair removal today and could not wait to arrive. All of my visits have been fantastic. Staff are so friendly and make me feel at ease. My results are amazing as well I can’t believe the difference. I can’t wait until my next session. Thank you so much Natasha.


For her laser Hair Removal Treatment

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

Annalisa was brilliant throughout! this was my third session of laser and I’m noticing so much improvements so glad I decided to get it done.


For her laser hair removal treatment

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

Alice has always made me feel at ease about any worries. She always gives the best advice on what’s best for me and my skin and ensures I’m 100% happy before going ahead. Always a pleasure to see and gives a fantastic experience every time, she is amazing at what she does!


For her laser hair removal